Xiphactinus audax vertebrae in artificial matrix

  • $250.00

This piece contains disarticulated Xiphactinus audax vertebrae in an artificial plaster matrix.  A few rib bones are also present.  The fish was disarticulated and we exposed the bones and poured plaster over them in the field as the natural matrix was too crumbly.  Piece measures roughly 16" x 13" and is about 1.5" thick.  Flattened vertebrae are approximately 1 3/4" x 1 1/8".  The round vertebrae have about a 1 1/2" diameter.   This fossil is from the Niobrara Chalk of Western Kansas, roughly 85 million years old.  The stand (included) is custom made for this piece and made of repurposed 1920's railing.  Total height with stand is 18".  Email with any questions.