Mosasaur Paddles-Morocco #2

  • $2,800.00

This piece consists of two mosasaur paddles from the Cretaceous phosphate deposits of Morocco.  I purchased this piece field prepped and removed the piece from the jacket and performed the final preparation myself.  The bones are in the original matrix with no restoration.  The paddles are from the same mosasaur.  The matrix is highly porous and friable so has been saturated with a stabilizer which makes it shiny, but very solid.  Bone from the phosphate beds is very fragile and stabilizer is necessary.  Several natural fractures are present running through the piece and display some red mineral staining.  A few partial rib bones are also present.  The matrix is highly fossiliferous with numerous fish vertebra, at least one shark tooth, a small mosasaur tooth (not likely from the same mosasaur), and several coprolites present.  The piece measures 36" long and is 14.5" at the widest point.  Maximum thickness is about 2.5" to 3".   I do not know the species.  I was told this paddle was collected with the other one I have listed on the web page (Mosasaur Paddle #1), but I can not verify that. I have made an iron display stand which is included.  The stand is made from refurbished 1920's railing.  Email with any questions.