Partial Mosasaur Skull on Custom Stand-Morocco

  • $5,000.00

This partial mosasaur skull (mostly jaws) is from the Cretaceous phosphate beds of Morocco.  These jaws are from the mosasaur species Prognathodon anceps.   I purchased this piece field prepped and have done the final preparation myself.  There is repair, several of the teeth were broken, but no restoration beyond filling some cracks.  The piece sits on a plaster back and some of the matrix has been crushed and glued to the plaster (mostly left side where I removed as much as possible to give it a 3D effect.  The teeth are all original to the jaws.  See highlighted picture for following explanation.  The premaxilla is present highlighted in green.  The two maxilla (upper jaws) are also present highlighted in red, one is nearly complete the other is not.  One lower dentary is present and complete (blue), most of the angular, coronoid, surangular of the lower jaw are also present (blue).  Teeth are scattered around this piece and partial various skull parts are also present.  

The piece measures 37" x 24" at the longest/widest points and is up to 5" thick.  Teeth measure  up to 2 1/4" to 2 1/2" above the jaw bones.  

This is a heavy piece and may require freight shipping.  I custom made the stand and is thick iron, also very heavy.  If interested please contact me regarding shipping as the auto calculated shipping is not going to be correct on this one.  Local delivery can also be arranged.

This makes a great display piece.  Serious offers considered.  Email if you have any questions.