Hollardops merocristata

  • $225.00

Overall length approximately 2.5 inches (longer if straightened).  This trilobite has been prepped using air scribes and micro-abrasive and has a great 3D mount.  The trilobite is 100% natural with only repairs and no restoration.  See detailed pictures for quality.  Trilobite has been mounted to a walnut base and includes an acrylic cover.  Base measures 5" x 5".  Box is 4 1/4" high.  Feel free to email with any questions.  Trilobite is from the middle Devonian of Morocco.  This is a fairly common trilobite from Morocco however the 3D prep work and quality of this trilobite increase the value.  Note the brownish yellow on the pydgidium is naturally occurring iron oxide.  Although some may not like this I like to point out that this makes it even more evident that this is a natural trilobite and not a reproduction.  Eye quality is very good, see detailed pictures.