Amber with Insects- Moths

  • $450.00

Age:  Paleocene (59 MYA)

Location:  Colombia

This amber is from a source located south of the Cerrejon Coal mines in Colombia.  This amber is much harder than the copal for which Colombia is known.   This piece measures 3 1/2" at the longest by 1 7/8" and averages 1/4" to 3/4" thick.  This is a nice large and clear piece with multiple insects.  Insects include 3 small moths  a large ant, mosquitos, small ants, and a fly.   There is an internal conchoidal fracture around one of the moths that is visible at certain lighting and angles (visible in second picture).  See pictures for details and email with any questions.  I will include a black floating frame with this piece for displaying.  Piece has been tumbled and polished.