Claudiosaurus germaini #2

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Fossil:  Reptile
Species: Claudiosaurus germaini
Age:  Late Permian, ~260 million years ago
Formation:  Lower Sakamena Formation
Location:  Ranohira, Madagascar

These reptiles are presumed to have been partially oceanic similar to modern marine iguanas.  The head is not commonly found and complete articulated specimens are even more rare.  This specimen is nearly complete with most of the tail and a complete head.  One row of teeth is visible in the head.  Only one foot is not complete. The tail is nearly articulated but had broken and a short portion was outside the concretion. Most specimens are found in concretions that developed around the fossils during diagenesis.  I purchased these fossils mostly prepared, but have exposed more bones and spent hours under the micro-abrasive further cleaning and bringing out detail.  Since the concretions tend to part along laminations, I have used a stabilizer to fill cracks and cover the back to prevent this from happening.  These specimens are authentic fossils with no restoration.  There is repair, mostly gluing and stabilizing cracks.  Pictures are very high resolution so open in a new window or save picture to best view detail.  Total piece measures 15.75" x ~10.5".  From tip of head to tail this lizard is approximately 31 inches long. The greenish hues in the concretion are not as obvious in the specimen as in the picture, but I suspect they are due to chlorite which is a common mineral in marine sediments.  The white lines visible at high resolution are natural fractures that have developed in the concretion and filled with a mineral, this is not glue fill.  These fractures cross the bones and you can see the fill in the bones.  These fractures help verify that these are real specimens as they would not be present in a cast.  Includes custom made walnut display stand.  Email if you have any questions.