Gillicus fossil fish

  • $8,500.00

This is a preview for this fish.  I still need to get proper pictures and description.  The fish measures nearly 6' long.  We originally collected this one and prepped it in the original matrix over 20 years ago however the head was weathered away.  The matrix started getting crumbly and was extremely heavy and difficult to move.  We later found a head that fit so we poured plaster over the crumbling matrix and then prepped the back side and added a head.  This fish had amazing detail prior to the matrix crumbling and still has a lot of detail, but there is some minor restoration on spines.  The lower jaws were not part of the head that we mounted so are part of another fish.  So full disclosure this is a composite.  More to come, email with any questions in the mean time.   This fish is from the Cretaceous Niobrara Chalk, approximately 82 million years old.  This piece will require freight shipping.