Ichthyodectidae Fish from Morocco on Stand #1

  • $650.00

This fish belongs to the family Ichthyodectidae and is from Goulmima, Morocco.  The fish is from Upper Cretaceous deposits, around 90 million years ago.  Although no teeth are present in this specimen, Ichthyodectes was a predator.  These fish are found in calcareous concretions and quality often varies based on preparation.  This one has a lot of repair, gluing back together, but the only restoration is where cracks have been filled. There is restoration to the matrix to smooth it out.  The scales, fins, eye socket, vertebra, etc are all natural.   The fish measures 25" long, would be about 29" if straight.   I have made an oak stand and it is included.  The base measures 16 1/2" x 5 3/4" and is 2" thick.  Overall height of fish on stand is 14".