Pteranodon Wing

  • $6,500.00

Please note this item is currently available and only listed as sold as it will require freight shipping and there is not a way to do set this up through the online store.  Please contact us at if interested in this item.  All serious offers will be considered.  This is a nearly complete pteranodon wing from the Cretaceous age (~85 million years) Niobrara Chalk of Western Kansas.  The wing has been set in plaster and mounted on a steel stand.  Only one of the claws was found.  Bones have been preserved with a stabilizer and penetrant.  All of the bones are natural with exception of portions of the 1st and 4th phalanx which have been sketched in the plaster (see closeups).  The humerous is incomplete.  The wing itself measures over 6 feet in length.  The plaster matrix on the stand is 38 inches high and 61.5 inches wide.  The plaster is about 2 inches thick and base of the stand is 14.5 inches deep.  Pictures documenting excavation and original position of bones are available.  The bones were found stacked and have been placed in this position.