Xiphactinus audax Skull and Pectorals

  • $12,000.00

This is one of the more complete articulated Xiphactinus audax skulls I have found. The top of the skull was weathering out and initially appeared to be missing much of the upper skull, however much of the top of the skull has been flipped over to the other side.  I have restored the top of the skull and eye socket for display purposes.  About a third of the eye socket was present.  I also added a base to the skull so that it could be mounted standing up, otherwise the thin bone would not support this mount.  This would have made a good 2D mount, but with good upper and lower jaws and teeth present I wanted to be able to display both sides.  Some of the top skull pieces are visible on the back side.  I did some restoration on the back pectoral as well, the lighter brown material.

Mounted on the stand the entire piece is 42" tall, 39" wide, and 28" deep (between tips of pectorals).  The skull is roughly 24" x 19".  Lower jaws are approximately 13 1/2" long.  The front teeth are 1 3/4" long.  The teeth are all natural with no restoration.  

There are three separate pieces; the skull and two separate pectorals, each resting on the stand.  

Shipping will require several separate packages so please inquire before purchasing to get the best shipping rate, otherwise a separate invoice may be sent for final shipping.  

This fossil is from the Cretaceous (~82 million years ago) Niobrara Chalk of Western Kansas.  Email us with questions.  Serious offers considered.